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Web Development in Phoenix, Az

Website design and development isn’t just about headers, content, and footers. It is about asking the right questions and ensuring those questions are applicable to your website visitors. It’s about finding solutions to problems and bringing it together within a cohesive design.

Have you ever thought “how do I make my website memorable?” “How do I ensure people stay when they hit my Homepage?” “How do I ensure website visitors dig into my content and explore my Product or Services that I offer?”. If you read those questions and have come to the conclusion “yes that is exactly what I want to ask” then you should be pleased to know that you are not alone. I know a lot of people, marketing departments and companies etc. who all ponder the same about the design and functionality of their website.

Best practices in home page design is about website traffic/visitors, their needs, and their wants. It isn’t about a concept that is cool or something you may have seen trending on other websites. It is about YOUR target market, what they need, want and desire and how your business can help them achieve that. A lot of individuals and Internet marketing companies/SEOs tend to design websites based on their own needs or they use it as a foundation on a website they’ve visited and liked before. Or, in more recent years, they think of a cool internet marketing idea and want to implement it because it sounds good to them and their needs.

This is all fine and dandy, but what happens more often than not, is that you fail to compare this idea or need for update to what their website visitors want and ultimately need. We’ve found this is especially true if the website is brand-new and the idea is referred to as “hip” and/or “cool” There are a great deal of elements that go into the core design of a website. I’m not talking about each and every page on your site. Rather, I’m referring to the main design elements, your home page, header and footer. But always keep in mind that there is also so much more to it than that, I’m talking about where to place your logo, tagline, social media icons and/or references, search box, primary navigation menu, sometimes a secondary navigation menu (just depends if you’re wanting your customers to sign into an account or have secondary destinations).

Design Elements

That’s a lot of stuff to consider, right? And that’s just the home page, remember that there are more pages that you are going to want for your website. Other core things that need to be considered when designing and developing your Homepage can go a little something like, site intro and overview, videos, featured content, call to action, promotions/deals. Things of that nature. You also have the footer where you would be able to place your contact information, disclaimer or legal notices, copyright, terms & conditions, policies, etc. again, you get the point, it’s a lot of stuff to consider. We wouldn’t ever expect you to know, or have to come up all that, that’s why we do our best to ask you all these types of questions during the process to help break down and dissect all the elements that will ultimately provide answers and solutions or potential website visitors.

We Work With Wordpress

We build all our websites using Wordpress and Adobe Dreamweaver. Did you know that Wordpress consists of almost 25% of all sites that are on the Internet, that’s almost 80 million sites! Dreamweaver version 8 is almost a whopping 30%! You get the picture as to the number of sites that use both Wordpress and Adobe Dreamweaver. Did you also know that Wordpress related keywords get almost 40 million searches a month? That’s huge! That’s why we use it, we know what works and we’re able to use those platforms to build your websites, so that again, you’re going to be one of the premier companies out on the Internet. And in this day and age that’s a very critical thing to think about, because also, studies have shown that mobile device searches have overthrown desktop searches in last few years.

Responsive Mobile Design

Mobile device searches consist of almost 80% of all Internet searches and that means that almost everyone in the world is searching for their information on a mobile device. That’s why Wordpress is great, it’s formatted for desktop and mobile just as easily. That means that it’s a website that scrolls up and down, no side to side scrolling, so that no matter what kind of device that your customers are looking at your website on, it’s going to look, feel and work almost identical, which will make them choose your site over the next guys. And let’s be honest. That’s what everyone wants for their website, is to attract customers to it and then keep them there. And here at VMS Data we will always do our best to make sure that you attract customers in hopes that you can turn them into lifelong relationships that are prosperous and beneficial to everyone, because when you succeed, we succeed!



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