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What is Online Marketing?

Over the past few years, it’s been extremely popular to talk about the explosion of mobile — mobile revenue, mobile growth, etc. There’s a distinct reason for this. From 2008 to 2012, mobile skyrocketed. Over a four-year period, mobile experienced a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 129%

Well how about now? Has mobile finally plateaued? Actually, no. It hasn’t. It’s quite the opposite in fact. To be precise, that over the next four-year period, it’s forecasted to grow even more so. Undoubtedly, mobile is still growing. But how will you cash in on the mobile market? Contact VMS Data, that’s how!

When we think about the term “Internet marketing,” we have to consider the market — the market of people who will eventually search, find, and purchase our goods and services. But who is the largest market sector in 2016?

The answer is, it’s millennials. Millennials do something that no other generation before has done. What is it exactly that they do? They don’t go to brick-and-mortar stores as often. Even though they account for a large percentage of the spending population, they are actually visiting less often and spending less money at stores, comparatively, to their older counterparts in the market. But just where are these millennial shoppers spending their money?

According to some statisticians, a whopping 82% of a millennial’s shopping time is spent online. Crazy huh? As well as being big online spenders. Millennials are responsive to online marketing. Social Media platforms are where they spend most of their time, make their relationships, interact with others, and listen to recommendations.

Ever since the dawn of the Internet shopping age, online revenue has not gone anywhere else but up. And then continue to go up. And up. Remember, how back in the start, we were all taken blown away by the rise of online revenue? Well, here we are now a decade later, and we’re not anywhere near the summit. Online revenue will still continue to boom as time goes on.

To put it into financial terms, investing your money and time into online marketing is like investing in a bull market. The wisest and most evident marketing move is not to pull back, but to lean in. The chances are undoubtedly good that your Internet marketing investment will have a solid ROI this coming year.

So, not only do we have all the online marketing tools you could ever want, but we also have more resources than you could ever use, and that’s not something that we’re being boastful about. This is to assure you that you have found the last company you’ll ever need to correctly market your company online, as well as keep you prepared and in the game for the future of commerce as we know it!

VMS Data is a professional online marketing company. We work with a wide range of client from small Mom and Pop shops to medium size businesses throughout the U.S. Our goal is to get your business found online. We provide Google Business Listing Management, Web Development, SEO and much more! When you take advanatage of all our services, this allows us to maximize your online presence. To learn more how things work, please feel free to view our video. It explains our online marketing approach and why we are very effective at what we do!



Google +

Another way to get your business found is to have a well managed Google listing. Let us do all the work for the lifetime of your business, while you focus your time and energy on your business. We are very effective at building business listings. Click below to learn more!

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Website Design

Responsive, Optimized Website Design that convert better. Our website design experts will custom build and design a website for your business. Fully optimized for search engines and made for every device – including smartphones, your new site will be built to capture customers as leads and keep them engaged.

Website DesignWebsite Design

Social Media

Expand your online footprint with social media marketing services. Get quality, custom content and distribution across all the major social networks; dedicated account management and strategy advice from our social media experts on how to make your business more engaging and social.

Social Media Management Social Media Management



Local SEO

Having a strong foundation for your online business is the first step to having long-term online marketing success. At Professional Results, we employ only the best practices in SEO and Inbound Marketing to help you achieve your online marketing goals and to drive the bottom-line for your brick & mortar location.

If your business has a physical location by chance, you’ve undoubtedly been told that you will need local SEO. However for many business owners, local SEO continues to be thought of as a mythical beast; what does “Local SEO” even mean? What do I need to do? Why do I need it?

Here’s a few other questions to ask yourself about SEO:

  1. What kinds of businesses will need Local SEO?
  2. How exactly is Local SEO different from National SEO?
  3. How does on-site optimization contrast for Local SEO vs. National SEO?
  4. What are the key signals that will enhance your local SEO rankings?
  5. What does the location of a business to the center of the city have to do with anything?
  6. Are you able to outline a brief plan of action that you’d recommend for new company looking to compete for search results locally?
  7. Can you recommend some avenues that a local business can get citations from?
  8. Can you recommend some options a local business can get reviews?
  9. Would you recommend small, local companies do their local SEO in-house or to hire an agency?
  10. Are there any distinctive services, tools, or websites that you can suggest to help companies with local SEO?
  11. What’s the approximate price range that a typical small business should expect to pay for local SEO, (agency or in house)?
  12. Is Local SEO a set-and-forget expense, or is it more of an ongoing project? Click or call to learn more.