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Website Maintenance

Proper Maintenance of A Website Requires Experience & Adaptability

Adhering to our company-wide mantra of full-service coverage, VMS Data is proud to offer online maintenance and upkeep services for all of our clients’ websites; be they hosted locally or abroad. Typically when our web maintenance services are initially recruited, it’s because a client’s website is not functioning correctly, it’s out of compliance with rankability parameters, or the entire website just needs fine tuning. Regardless of what prompted our expertise to be enlisted, everyone of our clients receive first-rate website maintenance to optimize their current website as much as possible.



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How can I tell if my website is optimized or not?

If your website loads at a snail’s pace, there are visible errors involving images & links, or you’re just noticing a general decrease in online traffic, it’s likely that your website is worse off than originally anticipated. The reason being: if there are visible errors involving your images or if your website is frustratingly sluggish, chances are there are several underlying errors or broken code that is not readily noticeable at a quick glance. In our experience at VMS Data, we firmly believe in the old adage of - “if there’s smoke, then there’s fire” - it’s a very rare occasion that we troubleshoot a website with “surface errors” and that’s the extent of the website’s issues.

What are my options if there are lines of broken code or additional, underlying errors?

There are several methods we implement to identify, diagnose, and address problems with your website. Initially, we run a series of tests, queries, and diagnostics to allow our teams an opportunity to familiarize themselves with your website and determine how and why it functions as it does.

It’s important to establish what our clients are trying to achieve with their website and exactly how their current website can be “renovated” to accomplish those goals.


A Deeper Dive Into The Effectiveness of A Custom Website

The recipe for success and the recipe for disaster are mutually exclusive until the one that has more support or weight behind it wins out. For example, a standardized online marketing strategy will incorporate several key methods that are proven to be successful, such as branding, advertising, blogging, or citation generation. While these are solid fundamentals for optimizing a company’s online presence and they have a track record for yielding outstanding results, they are arduous, time consuming, and favorable results are rarely seen immediately. Ultimately though, a foothold must be made somewhere, and a customized website offers the initiation point that will prove to be the most instrumental aspect of your entire online marketing campaign.


Different Websites Often Pose Unique, Individual Challenges

Depending on the structure of the website, if it is hardcoded, or a CMS/website builder template based website, will determine the necessary course of action towards affecting any repairs, maintenance, or upgrades.

If the website is hard-coded, our certified techs are able to substitute or correct any of the coding that is faulty.


We Feel Website Challenges Are Opportunities in Disguise!

Modernized features to bring your website up to current standards of quality and speed. Increase user friendliness to encourage longer browsing time on a website, page by page. Boosted rankability is a guarantee once the website’s performance and compliance has been vetted and our seasoned techs have had an opportunity to rejuvenate it

Maintenace Coverage For Hard-Coded Websites

  • Validate website - both organically and directly. Obtain insight reports if possible.

  • Ensure all links, both internal and external, are fully functional and populating completely.

  • Proofread content on websites to verify relevancy, keyword density, as well as fluency.

  • Inspect the code of the website and isolate any broken lines or outdated segments.

  • Verify ALT tags on images, sliders, GIFs, videos, soundbytes, snippets, & all forms of media.

  • Initiate performance tests for search engine compliance, mobile compatibility, and establish a basic baseline for load speeds.

  • Affect necessary website repairs, updates, and changes to optimize website fully; with minimal down-time between traffic & aquisition.

Effective Maintenance For a CMS Coded Website

Conversely, if your current website uses a CMS or website builder template platform we are also able to accomplish much the same, however the process is notably different and often requires an indirect approach to address pressing concerns. Additionally, many of the roundabout methods, while eventually fruitful if properly implemented, are completely non-existent when comparing a CMS website to its hard-coded counterpart.


Here’s why:


The Difference Between A Hard-Coded Website & CMS Template Websites

It’s important to understand the difference between a hard-coded website and a CMS website to, in turn, better understand how the repair or upgrade process differs between the two.

A templated website, or Content Management System website is a site that features a “back-end” interface with a dashboard that a user of average computer proficiency can control, affect changes, and basically construct a functioning website. It’s very similar to a social media platform, such as Facebook or Twitter, in regards to its simplistic navigation and easy management. With “drag n drop” toggles, pre-set fields for content, and a wealth of add-ons & plugins make CMS typed websites viable marketing solutions for many people and businesses all around the world. In fact, a recent survey of indexed websites that were analyzed showed that around 57.81% of ALL websites currently live and active online are integrated with a CMS system of some sort. Relatively speaking, that equates to one CMS or template based website being used for every seven people on the planet as of today.

Reinvesting in Your Website VERSUS Reinventing Your Website

A consideration that needs to be weighed, however, is that when considering the ever-increasing popularity of template-themed websites, there indeed comes a tradeoff. With the constant system updates, digital amendments, platform patches, and performance upgrades that are required in order to maintain your template-based website’s applicability to fulfill whatever vital role that it was originally designed for, it can eventually prove burdensome in more ways than one to continue utilizing a template-based website. Furthermore, whenever the updates inevitably become necessary, it is often at the expense of the user or website owner: new patches, upgrades, or modernized features to templates almost without fail require an additional financial investment with whatever platform you are using; not to mention if your website employs a webmaster to oversee its management.



Please Note

All website developers & maintenance teams employed by VMS Data are highly proficient with major CMS’ Systems, such as: Wordpress, Magneto, Drupal, and Joomla to effectively monitor, update, and optimize your current website/CMS platform.

Website Repairs & Coding Corrections

After an extensive audit of your website and its performance capabilities/limitations, any repairs to coding, extensions, features, plugins, and functions are affected at the discretion of the client. This can range from correcting outdated links to completely (re)styling the website in its entirety.

Website Updates & Upgrades

Taking into account just how dynamic and malleable an online marketing campaign can be, its success is often at the behest of not only the facets that are being used to gain visibility & page placement, but is also reliant on consistent updates to the backbone of your online presence: your website.

Website Modernization

During our experience in providing professional website maintenance across the spectrum of many industries, we’ve discovered and pioneered many methods of improving issues that would otherwise fetter a website’s potential. In response, it is a very common occurrence for our engineers to enhance a website’s performance through client and industry-specific modernization; including modifications to website media (videos, photos, etc), corrections to website content creation (titles, tags, & body), and alterations to aesthetic appeal of website (visual value & noteworthy nuances).

Website Optimization

As the final stage of our coverage through effective methods of website optimization, many short-term website goals are quickly reached and incidentally cultivate long-term business benefits for years to come. From lightning-fast loading & rendering for page speed & performance to minifying miles of code into meaningful mastery of rankability & efficiency, our website optimization is second-to-none in terms of intricacy & efficacy. Additionally, we endeavor day in and day out to stay apprised of the latest techniques, strategies, methods, & innovations to ensure our websites perform optimally for generations to come.