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Custom Websites

A Custom Website Is Crucial In Today’s Online World

The internet, by and large, is considered to be “The Information Superhighway” of the present age. Even the most remote and unassuming corners of the earth are able to enjoy unbridled access to information, news, media, art, literature, communication, and the possibilities go on and on; which continues to expand and multiply by the millisecond.



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What does this mean to the average consumer as a whole?

For starters, this paves the way for unheralded opportunity - opportunity on levels that are yet to even be exploited or implemented by present-day imbibers. With the internet being basically the “Wild West” in regards to it being coined “an open market”, it’s an amazing, but often underutilized resource for free enterprise and fair marketing avenues.

I understand, in general, what you mean, but could you be more specific?

The internet allows for smaller companies or entities to gain a foothold in the visibility curve online, even if their marketing budget is not as extensive as more popular, or powerhouse, competitors. Incorporating a customized website to represent a business, product, idea, or service is essentials towards becoming and later remaining competitive.


A Deeper Dive Into The Effectiveness of A Custom Website

The recipe for success and the recipe for disaster are mutually exclusive until the one that has more support or weight behind it wins out. For example, a standardized online marketing strategy will incorporate several key methods that are proven to be successful, such as branding, advertising, blogging, or citation generation. While these are solid fundamentals for optimizing a company’s online presence and they have a track record for yielding outstanding results, they are arduous, time consuming, and favorable results are rarely seen immediately. Ultimately though, a foothold must be made somewhere, and a customized website offers the initiation point that will prove to be the most instrumental aspect of your entire online marketing campaign.


How A Custom Website Resonates Online

The “splash” that a customized website, resplendent with fresh content and uniquely structured coding can make is astounding. Having a genuinely customized website supplies your company with a resource of limitless potential for branding, marketing, advertising, and ultimately, establishing your business as a legitimate player in whatever industry or area of expertise you’re seeking to gain traction in.

With the ebb and flow, the high tides and low tides that are typically associated with the internet, it’s now the day and age of creating your own island to brave the tumultuous storms commonly known as online marketing and solid web presence.

Benefits of A Custom Website

  • Online Visibility

  • Professional Representation

  • Consumer Data Accumulation

  • Limitless Marketing Potential

  • Information & Product Consolidation

  • Adaptable Marketing Options

  • Media Integration Online

  • Growth & Expansion Opportunities

  • Round-The-Clock Market Saturation

Things To Consider About A Custom Website

Accounting for the fact that the online world of websites, widgets, & web applications is in a constant flux of innovation & ingenuity, it stands to reason that adopting a similar stance towards obtaining & maintaining one's online presence via a customized website. At least to begin with; with the possibility (and actual probability) of additional growth in the future.


A Custom Website Is Likened To A Mobile Billboard

When the average user or consumer is browsing the internet to obtain a product or recruit a service, they are, for all intents and purposes, driving along on the open highway and looking for a rest stop with a restaurant, information station, shopping center, or lodging accommodations. What beneficial role a traditional website plays as a means for the user surfing the internet to take advantage of is largely contingent on the placement, design, aesthetics, and lastly, navigation of said website. If you picture the average consumer or internet user as a motorist meandering about on a busy highway, then a website can be likened to a billboard or sign erected on the outskirts of the interstate. As a consumer traverses malicious websites and bothersome advertisements, they are inevitably paired with a website that corresponds with their initial search inquiry as closely as possible. When the average person peruses Google, Apple Maps, or Bing, their search parameters are usually reduced to the barebones of speech and articulation; so designing a website that reflects common search patterns with relevant, useful, and authenticated information is paramount. While this has been a successful form of advertisement and marketing in the past, be it on the digital highway or the actual highway used for commuting, there are several limitations with this conventional approach.

The Cons Of A Conventional Website

  • Stagnation - Stationary - Paralyzed

  • Outdated - Mobile Unfriendly - Noncompliant

  • Boring - Mundane - Unexcited - Bland

  • Lack of: Functionality - Longevity - Adaptability

  • Oversaturation - Run-Of-The-Mill - Cookie Cutter

  • Unsecure - Limited Protection - Attack Susceptibility

  • Inflexible - Restricted - Limited
    (performance, features, extensions, plugins, media, etc)




A Custom Website Should Always Reflect:

    ✔ Accuracy

    ✔ Relevancy

    ✔ Modernization

The limitations of an antiquated website are jarring to say the least. One of the common misconceptions the average user has is associating visual appeal or cost-efficiency with performance and page-placement. The balance that must be maintained between the aesthetics of a website and its inherent functionality is what often can be the deciding factor between appealing to the consumer while simultaneously complying with internet indexing preferences & protocols.