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Our company, K & B Renovations, Inc. has been working with Alex, Andrew, John for a few years to promote our website which they created for us. Not only have been fantastic but are a pleasure to work with. Always answer questions and keep our site updated. Thank you everyone at VMS Data for all your hard work. Kathy Winemiller and Edward Pifkin K & B Renovations, Inc. Sandwich, Illinois.
Kathy Winemiller 3 months ago
VMS Data have been working on building us a website and have done a great job. John, Andrew, and Alex have been great to work with. They have gone out of their way to meet all our request and made things very easy. Their communication has been great and look forward to working with them in the future
PG Excavating 3 months ago
For years, John and his team at VMS have been providing our company with invaluable internet services. Everything from website management, daily posts on social media, to comprehensive plans to target customers in our area, you name it; the team at VMS has become very much like family. We operate in New England and distance is just a number as we have received better service from the VMS team in Arizona than anything we previously had here in our area. Our company is Greenpoint Plumbing & Heating. Our online presence is entirely due to VMS and we are very pleased and thankful for having found John a several years ago. Our company continues to grow and we look forward to continuing to use John and his team for all our needs.
Sondra Lebow 2 months ago
There Great, they really go that extra mile, I’ve had a lot of SEO firms before these guys, and they were terrible and a big waste of time and money. But, you can tell right out of the gate that there different. My VMS specialist Sean , is fantastic he’s been helping me since I started in July. I had a terrible situation with Google that no one else could handle, and I mean no one. My last 4 SEO’s were inept or just plain stupid, but what ever it was I was losing thousands . Sean and VMS new exactly what to do and they were diligent they worked on it, and finally it was fixed. Thank God , I was at my wits end, and really it wasn’t that expensive, it was well worth it and I’ll be with this firm for ever. Thanks Sean thanks Guys.
Thomas Antonucci a month ago
Just got off the phone with Alex, from VMS Data. He went through my Google listing with me and showed me a bunch of new updates and features. For someone like me, who is not computer savvy, it was great having someone add the things I need and remove the things I don't. I should have a much better Google presence now after Alex's consultation.
Robert Morgan 2 months ago
VMS Data is wonderful to work with! I must admit, I was probably one of their more frustrating clients, as I took a long time to do what I needed to do to allow the website creation process to progress. However, Sean and John were always so patient, kind and positive. When I simply didn't have the time or the desire to come up with content, John took the initiative to write the vast majority of the content for me. Not only did he create the content, but he did it well! I made a few minor changes and we were ready to go live! I highly recommend VMS Data for website design for their wonderful staff who are not only talented, but also just really good people.
Kim Schaefer 6 months ago
They have been managing our google listing for over eight years, all for a one-time fee in 2015. No monthly or annual costs, and nothing but professionalism and hard work. Best investment we've made this decade. They always answer the phone and they are always happy to lend a helping hand. I highly recommend this internet marketing team from all aspects including affordability, skill, personalized care, etc. Thank you for the hard work.
Monica Proscelle 3 months ago
The team at VMS Data are friendly and helpful. My husband worked with them for years and was always happy with the work and availability. Very responsive when you need their help. Thank you Alex at VMS!
Therese Cooper 3 months ago