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The staff at VMS Data have done a wonderful job with my web page and ad exposure across the internet. The customer service has been great. I'm a small business and they have spent as much time as necessary to guide me through the process. They have been very patient with me as I learn to use this platform. They call me from time to time to check in and to see if they can help in any way. Thank you, Paul F Performance Electric
Paul Fovargue 2 months ago
Calvin is the MAN!! We have been using VMS and Calvin since 2017 and have had nothing but great results. Calvin makes the process very simple on our end and he does it in a very professional way. Would highly recommend this company and it's services. Ask for Calvin for the best experience!!
Windows and More a month ago
Alex is the Best at what he does.VMS data and team know what's up and know how to implement the right procedures to get you seen. I would recommend calling VMS data for all your marketing needs, but ask for Alex he's very knowledgeable and most of all pretty cool.😎
William Chandler (A Super Scrub) a month ago
I started working with VMS Data in 2016 when they created an incredible new website for my company. They also create weekly posts that have dramatically increased my company's exposore. Alex, Andrew and John are doing such a great job and are so easy to work with.
Jackie Feley 4 months ago
VMS Data has been our Web Host and SEO ever since we realized our 1995 website was very outdated to say the least, Alex, Andrew and John have been Balling to work with, Very Educated and Very easy to work with. They remind me of my personal Company that I have built,,, their priorities are to optimize your value online and create a personal and professional relationship with you, Smart, Educated and the REAL DEAL,,,, Owner Operator of Ronbos Fine Painting Inc. :)
Ronald Feley 4 months ago
Spoke with Alex Bremmer today at VMS and he was awesome in working with me to update and enhance our Website! I greatly appreciated his work ethics and the time he took with me! Julie Viksna/Summit Contractors, Inc.
Erik Viksna a month ago
My Name is Hector I owned a remodeling business I’ve been a client of Vms Data for a couple of years and I got nothing more than good stuff to say about Alex and he’s Team every time I had a request or questions they were there for me. I highly recommend VMS Data thank you so much guy’s 👍🏽
Hector olguin a month ago
Alex from VMS is so awesome, he calls regularly to discuss how to make our business grow and continually shares new plans with us. He is very involved in assisting in making our business a success. Thanks Alex and VMS!!
Tiffany McGee 3 months ago