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I WORKED HERE!! This post is long overdue. I worked for VMS data and they are amazing!!! It has been years since I worked there and when I did I may not have been the best employee but this company did everything they could for me and then some. I know this much, this company is unique in the fact that they care. They are transparent in all aspects of business and provide excellent communication. They hire Veterans and work with combat vets. to help there needs in the workplace. This company does what they say they do. If you ever need ANYTHING online for your business use VMS Data. Also Alex and everyone hello. Now if understand this right the owner (who is amazing) will respond to this personally. By the way customers and future customers who read this know this also, the owners of this company just got a house after years of living in a one bedroom when I was working there because they had helped out there employees and there business before themselves. I was one of these employees. When you use VMS Data you know that your business is in the hands of trusted professionals that care for your business as much as there own. Wish you and yours all the best.
Christopher Meador 6 months ago
We've been with VMS since 2016. Calvin has seen to it that our website is reworked along with continual improvement of our Google presence. Calvin's communication is absolutely fantastic! He's able to explain these website, search engine things in a way we can understand. We'll be able to improve our company's online presence as long as we have Calvin and VMS standing right beside us.
Scott Tabor 5 months ago
I have worked with VMS Data for over eight years now. They are a family owned company and I have worked with all of them through the years. They always take the time to answer any questions or even better give suggestions when needed. They have helped my business grow. If or when you give VMS Data a chance you won't be disappointed! Thanks VMS Data Steve The Dryer Vent Dude
Stephen Schwaller Jr 5 months ago
I'm old school, and loyal. This includes my websites and hosting. I was with Supernova for decades but they just didn't care and even took my site off line for a whole month without me knowing. Fortunately Sean had randomly called me the year prior. So when I finally had enough, I gave him a call. Best decision. VMS is night and day different/better. Very professional and eager to help. Everyone I've talked to is there to make the website the best it can be. Sooooo refreshing that I don't have to monitor or babysit. I recommend them very highly.
Brett Diffley 3 months ago
I have been in business for 36 years and never had a website. I worked on one to put up for 6 years and never did. I finally decided to have VMS Data make our website. Best decision. They are there to help you put up your website that you see in your mind. They are not yes men. They tell you the truth. VMS Data comes up with unique ways to help with rankings and traffic. I didn’t want my website to look like everyone else’s website. With John and Andrew’s help it didn’t.
Karen Daniel 3 months ago
Great place. Owners respect their staff and treat them as family. SEO, web presence top notch! Amazing customer service. Great deals, life-long benefits. Most of all business owners all around create more business!! It's really, really simple, VMS Data for all your business marketing needs!!!
Theresa Schumann 4 months ago
I have been with VMS since 2018, my account manager is Calvin. He is very knowledgeable and professional with a killer personality. He does a great job walking me through the benefits and procedures to help my business become successful with a strong on line presence. Sincerley, Phil
Phil Fackler 6 months ago
I have been with VMS for a couple of years, and I have to say their team are really helpful explain everything and you finish the call knowing you got all your answer. John and all his team were very Friendly and helpful they really help us have a better understanding of our business management.
Maria Mejia 6 months ago